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Bolu Fagborun

Professional Coaching
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“I’ve developed a reputation as a innovative and forward thinker, constantly driving ways to establish a competitive advantage.”

What services do we offer?


Culture and Values

Professional Athletes (current and retired)


SME's Business owners and Entrepreneurs

How to win and keep winning

New start ups & innovation


Third Sector (Charities / Voluntary sector)


Who are we and how can we benefit you?

THE CEO's story in Sports

“”I am a former professional rugby league player with Huddersfield Giants, Sheffield eagles, Batley Bulldogs and Rochdale hornets. I played internationally for Nigeria and managed the Nigeria National team to success in the Middle East and Africa competition in Ghana 2022.

I am one of the sports voices on the West Yorkshire Mayor / combined authority culture, heritage and sports committee, working on the first ever West Yorkshire Mayors pledges to the 2.3 million people in this region.

I am a Non-exec at Bradford Bulls, one of a handful of Corporate Social Responsibility Directors in professional rugby. I am also a trustee at two sports charities Bradford Bulls foundation and East Bierley Community Sports Association (Ebcsa).”

Executive Coaching

Delivered as a combination of ‘one on one’ & ‘Group sessions’

Specialist areas include

-Leadership & Management coaching

-Executive Talent development program

-Executive Sales development program 

Outcomes for your Talented staff 

– High performance Individuals engaged, inspired and motivated for Growth. 

– An excellent team culture like professional sports. 

– Elite sports mindset transferred to the boardroom & management level. 

Organisational Personal development and coaching program


  • Concentrating on removing obstacles to success and creating opportunities for goal achievements for clients.
  • Building rapport and trust to enable deeper conversation into the real obstacles that staff face and working out solutions, for example to customers, management of people, time and resources.
  • Bringing accountability and focus to individual, groups or organisational goals.
  • Offering support and raising awareness through knowledge so organisations can adopt to the changing needs of the world and hold the discussions that executives aren’t having due to the ability to disengage from the day to day, time and fear pressures. 
  • Providing effective 1:1 coaching and team coaching to help individuals tackle the required change behaviours and use the synergy of a team to create a high performance culture. 
THE M.D.'S background

Former international sports coach

Ex-professional rugby player

I.L.M Level 5 in Business coaching ( Institute of leadership and management)

CMI Chartered business manager

Former Internal business coach & Enterprise coach average 15 hrs per week F2F

Active member of “The British school of Coaching network”

Chairman of a Commercial Farm

Business Management Degree

Non- Exec Sports Director

About our M.D. Bolu Fagborun and the organization

Business Coach

Our M.D Bolu Fagborun was once upon a time a professional athlete and he successfully transitioned into a transformational coach and leadership consultant working with emerging executive talent in organisation.

Fagborun Limited at its core executes on the development of talent, enabling organisations to utilise the unlimited people potential within its grasp.

Our vision is to be the number one assist in the development of leaders within organisations who are BIG thinkers, BIG Goals getters and have BIG commitments.

Bolu Fagborun dressed in a dark grey suit and a light coloured shirt smiling

Companies & People we’ve Worked With

“Bolu has maintained the same enthusiasm and drive that he displayed as a professional rugby league player, into his subsequent professional life. His energy is infectious.”

Ralph Rimmer, CEO, Rugby Football league

“I’ve worked with Bolu for around 18 months now, he is a breath of fresh air and always has positive thing to say and fresh ideas and feedback. He challenges me where needed, but knows how to get the best out of me. He listens, which is great! And really takes on board what I say, what’s important to me, my vision and keeps me focused”

Paula Chamberlain

CEO, The Crescent Care Yorkshire Limited

Having worked with Bolu at board level, I love his passion, enthusiasm and values. He brings great energy to the room with an eye on innovation, strategic leadership and solution focused approach.

Warren Evans

CEO, Sports Chaplaincy





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